2014 Rules

Making Your Picks

At the start of the year a draft is held. After option picks have been sorted out (see How Options Work below), players take turns picking notable people until each player has a list of 15 names. Player order is determined by placement in the previous year with the winner going last, the second place winner going second to last, and so on. New players (those who did not participate in the previous year) go first in random order. Players who participated but scored zero points in the previous year go in random order after the new players but before the players who scored points.

How Scoring Works

If a notable person on your roster dies, you get some points based on (1) how old the person was when they died, (2) what part of the year they died in, and (3) how they died. (Basically, younger = more points, later in the year = more points, unusual cause of death = more points.) To figure out the score for a given death, multiply the appropriate base value by the factor for the time of year and then apply the cause bonus. See below.

Base Points

Age 90 and above: 25 points
Age 80-89: 30 points
Age 70-79: 35 points
Age 60-69: 40 points
Age 50-59: 45 points
Age 40-49: 50 points
Age 39 and below: 55 points


Q1 (Jan-Mar): 1.00
Q2 (Apr-Jun): 1.25
Q3 (Jul-Sep): 1.50
October: 1.75
November: 1.85
December: 2.00

Cause of Death Bonuses

Murder: +25 points
Suicide or drug overdose: +15 points
Accidental (unintentional injury, traffic, etc.): +5 points
All other causes: +0 points

Example: John Doe, aged 63, dies in an auto collision on August 4th. His base value is 40 (because he’s between 60 and 69), his factor is 1.50 (because August is in Q3), and his cause bonus is +5 (accident). 40 times 1.50 is 60, 60 plus 5 is 65; John Doe is worth 65 points.

Fractions are always rounded down. So 30.333 becomes 30, 52.833 becomes 52, etc. If more than one cause bonus could apply (for example, if it was later revealed that John Doe was deliberately rammed by a disgruntled driver while in the throes of a massive cocaine overdose) only apply the largest bonus (+25 points in the foregoing example).

How Options Work

At the beginning of a draft, each player may option one of their picks from the prior year (provided the pick is still alive at the time of the draft!). This option pick uses up the last slot on that player’s roster. Optioned picks cannot be taken by other players during the draft.