2015 Draft and Rule Changes

The 2014 season is finished, and congratulations to 1st place finisher Hank and 2nd place finisher Tom. The 2015 season is now underway, the draft having been completed this afternoon. While we have a more modest group for 2015, we adopted a pair of rule changes that should make the league even more successful and enjoyable:

1. Rosters have been extended from 15 to 20 positions.

2. Keepers now come at a cost. In the past, returning players had the option of holding one from their roster to the new season, with it taking the place of their last round pick. Now, if they seek to hold the same celebrity for a second season, it takes the place of their fifth round pick instead, and if held for a third season takes their third round pick, for a fourth season for their first round pick, and after that the celebrity becomes a free agent.

Draft lists will soon be posted to the right panel. Thanks for everybody who participated for the 2015 draft, and as in previous years we will allow late entries at the cost of two extra dollars entry fee.

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