Catching up #2: Marion Barry


Apparently about one week ago saw the passing of Marion Barry, the infamous former mayor of Washington, DC. He served as mayor in two stints, from 1979-1991 and again from 1995-1999, interrupted by a short prison sentence for crack cocaine possession following an FBI sting which he characterized (probably correctly) as entrapment.  Cause of death was due to cardiac arrest. This is the first score for quite a while, and the second for Hank, for which he netted 64 big points thanks to the November 1.85 multiplier. This vaults him into first place with 109, a mere 30 days left of the contest. But remember, December scores are worth double!

One thought on “Catching up #2: Marion Barry

  1. Volk

    Wow! BTW I had thought Wilko Johnson was a lock, but he had a surgery that went amazingly well. From wikipedia:

    At the Q Awards on 22 October 2014, Johnson accepted the “Icon Award” and announced that he was “cancer-free” having undergone “removal of his pancreas, spleen part of his stomach, small and large intestines and the removal and reconstruction of blood vessels relating to the liver”. Johnson said: “It was an 11-hour operation… This tumour weighed 3kg – that’s the size of a baby! Anyway, they got it all. They cured me.”

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