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Hank on the board!


A little late to the punch, but Saturday spelled the end for legendary actor James Garner. Primarily a television actor, Garner is perhaps best remembered for his role in the late-1950s western comedy Maverick, as well as its kinda-spinoff The Rockford Files in the 1970s. This is the first score of the year for Hank, who earns 45 points for the honour. It’s also the first score of the third quarter, where base values are multiplied by 1.5, meaning in this case 45 points instead of 30.

Tracy strikes first in Q2


A mere four days into the second quarter of competition we already have our first score! Legendary actor Mickey Rooney passed at the age of 93 today, surrounded by family. This guy’s acting credits go back to 1926, for Christ’s sake. You know…flappers, bootlegging hustlers, and if you asked anybody to name one Adolf they’d probably say Adolphe Sax. The woman of the hour is Tracy, who also earns her first score and a six-point bonus for striking in the second quarter. That makes for a sweet 31 points.


Tim on the board!


Yet another January score occurred yesterday when womens’ professional wrestling pioneer Mae Young died at the age of 90. She had been on life support for an undisclosed illness from December 30 to January 9 and had since been in hospice care. Her passing earns Tim 25 base points for a celebrity in their 90s and up and no bonuses for time of year or circumstances. This is his first score, but the second #1 pick to have gone thus far this year (Amiri Baraka was the other). Current standings are:

1. Molly, 35 (Amiri Baraka)

2. Tom, 30 (Ariel Sharon)

3. Tim, 25 (Mae Young)

Two quick scores

baraka                                                  sharon

Not even two weeks into the new season two competitors have racked up a score. First, Molly banked 35 points upon the passing of poet Amiri Baraka (formerly LeRoi Jones) at the age of 79. Cause of death was not reported, but he had been hospitalized the month prior. The second score belonged to Tom, who earned 30 points when former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died after a lengthy coma. No bonuses were earned due to cause of death, nor for occurring later in the year.