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Catching up: Richard Attenborough


A bit delayed, but Tim got his third score August 24 with the passing of legendary British actor and director Richard Attenborough at the age of 90. Lord Attenborough is probably best known as the director of Gandhi, and is the older brother of the well-known naturalist David Attenborough.

This is oddly the only score for our group even with all the celebrity passings this past month. We also only have less than a month until the fourth quarter starts and the multiplier raises yet again, so those holding out for big points (like myself) can yet get in this contest.

Hank on the board!


A little late to the punch, but Saturday spelled the end for legendary actor James Garner. Primarily a television actor, Garner is perhaps best remembered for his role in the late-1950s western comedy Maverick, as well as its kinda-spinoff The Rockford Files in the 1970s. This is the first score of the year for Hank, who earns 45 points for the honour. It’s also the first score of the third quarter, where base values are multiplied by 1.5, meaning in this case 45 points instead of 30.