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2015 Draft and Rule Changes

The 2014 season is finished, and congratulations to 1st place finisher Hank and 2nd place finisher Tom. The 2015 season is now underway, the draft having been completed this afternoon. While we have a more modest group for 2015, we adopted a pair of rule changes that should make the league even more successful and enjoyable:

1. Rosters have been extended from 15 to 20 positions.

2. Keepers now come at a cost. In the past, returning players had the option of holding one from their roster to the new season, with it taking the place of their last round pick. Now, if they seek to hold the same celebrity for a second season, it takes the place of their fifth round pick instead, and if held for a third season takes their third round pick, for a fourth season for their first round pick, and after that the celebrity becomes a free agent.

Draft lists will soon be posted to the right panel. Thanks for everybody who participated for the 2015 draft, and as in previous years we will allow late entries at the cost of two extra dollars entry fee.

2014 Draft Results

As the new year is upon us, such it is time to embark on the third annual Fantasyobits league draft. We met this afternoon at the commissioner’s home and debated rule changes and ate well before the actual draft took place. Our ranks swelled to nine participants this year, having lost one but gained three new faces.

Scoring will largely stay the same, in that points will still be greater the younger the celebrity and the later in the year they meet their end. The one tweak will be that there is now a bonus for more unusual circumstances surrounding death at a flat rate no matter what time of year it happens or the age of the celebrity.

Draft order was determined upon the finish order of the 2013 season, with new faces going first and ties broken by a d30 roll, and rounds were alternated using switchback start. Returning players were once again allowed the option to keep one pick from their previous roster. Draft results can be seen at this Google Drive link.

Pick Lists Spreadsheet

The picks list is available as a Google Docs spreadsheet. It incorporates information about option-picks, point totals, and other stuff. You can view it here. Only the commissioner and clerk are able to edit it. Here’s a little picture of the current spreadsheet in case anyone can’t access Google Docs (click to embiggen):

Death Pool spreadsheet image

Web site is live! (Kind of.)

So is finally up! Still working on compiling the rules, putting together a new video update, tweaking this WordPress install, etc.

Our current players/officials are: Hank (commissioner), David, Brett (clerk), Logan, Levi, Tracy, Tom.

If anyone has questions, post in the comments.