2015 Draft and Rule Changes

The 2014 season is finished, and congratulations to 1st place finisher Hank and 2nd place finisher Tom. The 2015 season is now underway, the draft having been completed this afternoon. While we have a more modest group for 2015, we adopted a pair of rule changes that should make the league even more successful and enjoyable:

1. Rosters have been extended from 15 to 20 positions.

2. Keepers now come at a cost. In the past, returning players had the option of holding one from their roster to the new season, with it taking the place of their last round pick. Now, if they seek to hold the same celebrity for a second season, it takes the place of their fifth round pick instead, and if held for a third season takes their third round pick, for a fourth season for their first round pick, and after that the celebrity becomes a free agent.

Draft lists will soon be posted to the right panel. Thanks for everybody who participated for the 2015 draft, and as in previous years we will allow late entries at the cost of two extra dollars entry fee.

Catching up #2: Marion Barry


Apparently about one week ago saw the passing of Marion Barry, the infamous former mayor of Washington, DC. He served as mayor in two stints, from 1979-1991 and again from 1995-1999, interrupted by a short prison sentence for crack cocaine possession following an FBI sting which he characterized (probably correctly) as entrapment.  Cause of death was due to cardiac arrest. This is the first score for quite a while, and the second for Hank, for which he netted 64 big points thanks to the November 1.85 multiplier. This vaults him into first place with 109, a mere 30 days left of the contest. But remember, December scores are worth double!

Catching up: Richard Attenborough


A bit delayed, but Tim got his third score August 24 with the passing of legendary British actor and director Richard Attenborough at the age of 90. Lord Attenborough is probably best known as the director of Gandhi, and is the older brother of the well-known naturalist David Attenborough.

This is oddly the only score for our group even with all the celebrity passings this past month. We also only have less than a month until the fourth quarter starts and the multiplier raises yet again, so those holding out for big points (like myself) can yet get in this contest.

Hank on the board!


A little late to the punch, but Saturday spelled the end for legendary actor James Garner. Primarily a television actor, Garner is perhaps best remembered for his role in the late-1950s western comedy Maverick, as well as its kinda-spinoff The Rockford Files in the 1970s. This is the first score of the year for Hank, who earns 45 points for the honour. It’s also the first score of the third quarter, where base values are multiplied by 1.5, meaning in this case 45 points instead of 30.

Scaling the Wall…ach


Tuesday marked the end for longtime character actor Eli Wallach at the age of 98. This means a second score for Tim, who has earned 31 more points for a total of 56 on the season. This moves him from 6th place into 4th. Tom is still riding high on the Hoffman score at 95 points, but on the cusp of Q3 and its 1.5 multiplier this is still indeed anyone’s game!

A taste of success


Tuesday marked the first taste of success for Fantasy Obits veteran David, who earned 37 points for his first score on the passing of legendary radio personality Casey Kasem. Famous for his American Top 40 program starting in 1970, Kasem would host similar countdown-style programs off and on until his retirement in 2009. He also provided one of the most instantly-recognizable cartoon character voices of all time in Norville “Shaggy” Rogers from Scooby Doo.

In other league news, we will begin the third quarter of the season in 15 days, and scores from that point will earn 1.5 times base score.

Two for Tracy

F.B.I., THE (SEASON 1 - 65/66)

A few days late, but Friday marked the end for longtime actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. at the age of 95. Famous for playing the classic debonair lawman role in the 1950s and 60s, his career remained steady throughout his life, having a recurring role as Alfred Pennyworth in various Batman productions of the past 20 years. His passing means Tracy earns her second score of the year and also for the second quarter, matching the 31 points gained for Mickey Rooney less than a month ago. She is now in third place overall.

And Connie makes three…


Word arose today of the passing of Cuban baseball pitcher Connie Marrero, known as the oldest living Major League Baseball player, at the age of 102. Marrero played much of his career in his home country, but made the majors at age 38 and pitched five years for the Washington Senators, becoming a fan favourite and earning a spot on the American League all-star team in 1951. He was also Logan’s 1st round pick and today became his third score of the season, earning 25 base points for age plus a six point 2nd quarter bonus. This gives Logan a total of 86 points, now a mere nine behind Tom as both competitors distance themselves from the rest of the field.

Tracy strikes first in Q2


A mere four days into the second quarter of competition we already have our first score! Legendary actor Mickey Rooney passed at the age of 93 today, surrounded by family. This guy’s acting credits go back to 1926, for Christ’s sake. You know…flappers, bootlegging hustlers, and if you asked anybody to name one Adolf they’d probably say Adolphe Sax. The woman of the hour is Tracy, who also earns her first score and a six-point bonus for striking in the second quarter. That makes for a sweet 31 points.